MetalTalent system 

MetalTalent system 

MetalTalent system

MetalTalent is a versatile cable railing system made of modular aluminum components. Usually, we have to buy many types of posts for different positions. Now you can get a fully customized cable railing like building blocks with MetalTalent. The posts of it can be easily cut for any length and drilled for any hole type. They could be both top mounted or side mounted and level or angle sections. In a word, MetalTalent can do anything.

System components

Optional bases: top mount base PA19; 36" side mount base PA26; 42" side mount base PA27
Optional Posts: angle top 36" level drilled PM05 BHA1; angle top 36" level drilled PM05 BHA2; 42" side or 36" top mount PM05 BNA3; 42" side mount PM05 BNA4; 36" top mount PM05 BNA2
Optional brackets: level bracket PA20; corner bracket PA21; flat angl bracket PA15; curve angle bracket PA16
Optional terminals: CB05; CB07
Optional wire rope: WR17(Indoor&outdoor); WR19(Indoor)
Optionals tools: Drill template CT22; Step drill bit PA06;

Free DIY

MetalTalent post could be DIY with various types, like a level post, angle post, corner post. You don't have to worry about where to use which post because our posts can be used anywhere. You can DIY with the post for your projects easily. In a word, you just need a single type of post to finish the various kinds of projects.

Easy to cut and drill

Versatile posts can be easily cut for any length and drilled for any hole type. They can work as both 42" and 36" posts. With the help of the CT22 drill template, you can drill any hole type for different positions of your projects. For example level holes, angle holes, single holes, corner holes, and so on.

Weather protection

The posts and handrails are made of powder-coated aluminum, which have great resistance to rust and corrosion for weather protection. It is ideal for exterior railings and will work for a long life time with low maintenance. You can even use them for coastal projects.

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