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Important to know before starting the procedure:
● We provide personalized solutions for product selection, railing design, and budget estimation.
● The solution usually takes 6-10 working days to complete. To expedite urgent cases, you can pay a $20 deposit for priority processing (3-5 working days). The deposit will be refunded as a discount on orders over $400. However, a $50 deposit is required for major changes after the initial resolution.
● We'll send you a confirmation email after you submit the form to confirm your information and your request, please reply so that we can proceed with the solution.
● If you don't receive our confirmation email within 2 days, please check your spam folder or contact us at or 323-210-4098.
●We will be on vacation from 9.29 to 10.6. During the vacation period, the time limit for email response during the vacation is 1-2 business days. Program design expedited service we will process as soon as possible within 7-9 business days, for non-expedited projects we will reply to you in 10-15 business days;

The requirements of the sketch:
●Mark the cable railing sections with measurements using a bold line.
●Mark the angle of the stair or ramp and mention that it’s stairs.
●Mark the position of each post if you have this arrangement.
● The handwriting sketch should be clear enough for designer understanding.
● Please upload some photos of your project if you could. That will be helpful for cable railing design.