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Project design ordering process
Project design ordering process

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Important to know before starting the procedure

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The requirements of the sketch:
●Mark the cable railing sections with measurements using a bold line.
●Mark the angle of the stair or ramp and mention that it’s stairs.
●Mark the position of each post if you have this arrangement.
● The handwriting sketch should be clear enough for designer understanding.
● Please upload some photos of your project if you could. That will be helpful for cable railing design.

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Transforming Visions into Reality

Real Projects & Real Results

Transforming Visions
into Reality

Real Projects & Real Results

Why They Choose Muzata?

"I paid a deposit and got solution recommendation, material calculation, and quote. I got the solution in a timely manner.I am very satisfied with the overall result and recommended you to some of my DIY friends."

 -Butch Martin

"The team at Muzata were excellent in their design and recommendations. After design review, they placed the order and I received my order in 2 days. Planning on installing the cable railing in a couple of weeks"

-Jane Smith

"Received design within 3 days of submittal (I did pay the $20 optional fee). Accurate with full parts list and links. They even put together the order for me."


“Had them give me a parts list and ship some of the items. They were very helpful and got items quickly.”

-Raymond Post

“Everything went according to the plan that their team put together for me. They answered many many questions along the way. Always was helpful.”

-Bob Phillips

Find the Perfect Solutions for Your Needs

Find the Perfect Solutions
for Your Needs

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