Muzata Creator Challenge

Sharing a video/pictures of your Muzata cable railing project, and you will get a chance to win up to $100! It doesn't matter where you bought the products, whether they're from Muzata website, Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart or other retailers.

No.1 Share Your Cable Railing Project on YouTube & Get a $100 Amazon Gift Card Click to see more details↓

No.2 Share Your Cable Railing Project on Instagram & Get a $25 Amazon Gift Card Click to see more details↓

Muzata website & Get a $25

These customers joined our UGC campaign and earn the card.

Fantastic product and fantastic customer service. I am a DIY’er, and I just can’t believe I have created such a beautiful railing system in my own home. So glad I found you! - Van H.
(Earn $25 Amazon Gift Card)

Easy to drill with the provided template and tools. Can be done within several minutes. - Vadim Klyushnichenko
(Earn $30 Muzata gift card)

This brand is really high quality. They are stainless steel, even the included wrenches are made very well!! You won't be bending the wrenches or the fasteners. The best part is that this is a nice, clean, concealed look!
- Steve
(Earn $25 Amazon Gift Card)

This is a really sleek modular product that is easy to configure and install. Economics wise it is the best product on the market at its price point. Design and Customer Service staff are knowledgeable, proactive, and customer centric. - Charles Beard
(Earn $25 Amazon Gift Card)

Very easy to use and install, looks fantastic! -  Bill Gin
(Earn $25 Amazon Gift Card)

We are absolutely loving our new bullet railing system.sales rep was incredible always available for any of our questions we had we thank you very much and we know we'll be enjoying our new railing system for many years to come. After researching many railing systems the Muzata system absolutely stood out. - Tim Andolsek
(Earn $30 Muzata gift card)