What kind of materials and tools do I need?

by Simon Turner

What kind of materials and tools do I need?

Basically, you will need some cable railing fittings , stainless steel cable . The quantity depends on the dimensions of your project. In almost all cases, you will need a hydraulic crimper to swage the fittings so the cable could be fixed firmly. Unless your fittings are wageless.

About the materials used for Installation and Tools for Cable Railing System

Installing cable railing systems can be a hard task on your own if you don't possess the right kind of knowledge about the materials and the posts along with how to choose the perfect type of posts for your home. Tools like hydraulic crimper may come in handy among other things but what about gaining knowledge about the other sections of the installation process..

Materials required for installation 

For starters, posts are the foundation and the foremost thing required for the installation process. Apart from that, you will be needing handrail brackets, an installation kit, covers, and some other basic tools such as a power drill and a driver.

Every steel or aluminum post gets custom-made for the project to ensure that the installation process becomes a bit easier and more convenient. Simply send the measurements, and in turn, we will make sure that the holes are pre-drilled at the same space, angle, and the perfect alignment that you are looking for.

Based on the cable railing fittings that are being used for installation, you need to make sure that you have the Drivetite installation kit, cable rail installation kit, or both. Every different tool comes with a set of special tools that are required to mount the posts directly to the stair treads without much fuss.

Type of posts that are to be used

These are the two major metals that we offer to make cable railing posts;

304 stainless steel

There are tons of different types of posts that are available, so you can choose the one that suits your cable railing system the best. Generally, a surface mount cable railing system post.

Surface mount cable railing posts are designed with the perfect depth and height for mounting purposes, making it easier to mount the post directly with the deck.

The perfect way to place the posts

A maximum of 4 feet apart is how the posts should be placed. This ensures that the handrail maintains its strength over time.

The distance can be increased to 7 feet, provided that you are making use of a cable stabilizer. It is advisable to not make use of cable stabilizers for more than a distance of 7 feet. The reason for this is that cable stabilizers are not to be considered as posts since they are not structural and should only be used for maintaining cable space.