How to maintain cable railing?

Easy Way to Maintain and Clean Cable Railing Systems

The era of railing systems is here and people/homeowners have been trying to learn everything there is to know about how a railing system can add to the aesthetics while making sure to find the most durable option available. This is why many people have started resorting to stainless steel cable railing systems as it turns out to be the best option available. Why if you may ask? Majorly due to the kind of stability it offers without having to be maintained or cleaned on a regular basis. Easy installation of the stainless steel cable comes off as the icing on the cake. But how do you maintain these cables? Let's find out.

Cleaning and inspection

Here comes the easy part since cleaning up the stainless steel surface is pretty easy.  This can be done either with the use of a brush or a dishwashing soap to get rid of all the particles or for the removal of dirt that may be on the outside of the cable railing. On top of that, you will also need to make sure that you wipe all the areas with a dry towel to avoid any chances of moisture or debris.

Make sure to inspect your railing system time and again to check if everything is in order. Also, keep a track of all the external influences to prevent them from impacting the surface of the metal. Any type of denting or external damage can directly affect the coating of the metal present on the surface.

This can further lead to corrosion, even if the metal in question is stainless steel. Get in touch with the manufacturer to get a hold of the rust solution.

How often should the cable railing be cleaned? That is the billion-dollar question

Cleaning the system every once in a while is more than enough to protect the metal surface and to make sure that it remains in top condition. Cleaning also has a lot to do with the weather conditions, especially when the post is made of wood or any other non-stainless steel metal and parts since these sorts of parts need extra attention and care. This process may even include repainting wooden posts or restraining them regularly after a couple of years. People living in coastal areas or near the shorelines may be forced to clean their railings as often as two to three times a year due to the salt in the air and other factors if they want to ensure the longevity of the railing system.