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Blog-WoodHidden system

WoodHidden system

WoodHidden is designed with invisible terminals. The ugly swaged tails are always a hassle for perfectionists, who want a perfect neat look. And they do affect the appearance like flaws. However, a traditional terminal needs to expose the tail so that you can tighten the cable. We have developed a patent tech to solve that. We call it flattened tail, which helps to tighten the cable while hidden inside the post.

System components

Optional cable railing terminals - CR26 CR37 CR38 CR46 Accessories - CR13 CR66 CR60
Wire rope - WR02
Tools - CT16 CT21 CT15 CT01

Get more details by downloading the PDF file

User Guide(PDF)

Hide ugly swaged tails

Invisible terminals are popular since they can be hidden inside wood posts. They are designed with our patent flattened tail, which lets the cable could be tightened while the terminal is inside the wood post. You will need our custom socket wrench CT16 for hidden installation.

Wide range post side

This system could be applied on 3"-6" posts to get a neat look. You don't have to worried that the tensioner could not be reached inside a large post. The custom socket wrench CT16 has a length of about 4".

Weather protection

All the chosen parts in WoodHidden system are made of T316 stainless steel, which is marine grade and has great resistance to rust and seawater. It is ideal for exterior railings and will work for a long lifetime with low maintenance. What’s more, T316 could work for coastal projects. So WoodHidden is a perfect choice if you live within 10 miles of the sea.

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