Blog-NiceView system 

Blog-NiceView system 

NiceView system

Get an unblocked view on your deck by choosing Muzata NiceView system. The system is made of slice middle posts, thin handrails, and invisible cable railing kits in order to reduce the blocking on outside views. And to let your interior room looks more spacious.

System components

Metal posts - PS01 PS02 PS32 PS11 (T304)
handrails - HT30 (T304)
Cable railing kit - CB05 CB07 Wire rope - WR02 (T316)
Tools - CT15 CT16

Get more details by downloading the PDF file

User Guide(PDF)

Unblocked view

All the components are designed with minimum thickness in order to get the best view. It will let you enjoy the best view when applied on outdoor decks, and make your living room looks more spacious while applied on indoor stairs. The system includes thin handrails and middle posts with 3/8" thickness, invisible cable railing kits.

Weldless design

The metal frame is designed to be weldless, which significantly reduces the difficulty of DIY at home. Our engineers had improved the fastening design to make sure most connections could be easily done by screwing and the system is still secure and stable.

Weather protection

NiceView system is made of all stainless steel materials, which have great resistance to rust and corrosion. It is ideal for both interior and exterior railings and will work for a long lifetime with low maintenance. Please note that it is not recommended for coastal projects.

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