Blog-CableGenie system

Blog-CableGenie system

CableGenie system

CableGenie is a patent cable railing system, which is designed to be completely invisible for wood frames. It is an ideal choice for perfectionists since the terminals are entirely hidden inside wood posts to create a perfect neat look. CableGenie allows you to use only one post at each corner. We have two options for the terminals, swageless type CB16 and fast swage type CR73, both of them are reusable.

System components

Optional cable railing kits - CB16 CR73
Accessories - CR91 CR13
Wire rope - WR02 (T316)
Tools - CT16 CT19 CR12

Get more details by downloading the PDF file

User Guide(PDF)

Level + angle

CableGenie cable railing kits could work for not only level railing but also stair railing. You could drill various angle holes with patent angle drill guide CT19. And do the hidden installing work with the help of our custom socket wrench CT16. We also have terminals of 3/16" version, CB18 and CR99.

Completely invisible

CableGenie terminals are popular because they could be entirely hidden inside wood posts to create a perfect neat look. A fantastic choice for minimalist style decoration since you can only see the cables from outside. And the outer side of the end posts will be completely smooth due to the one-side mounted design.

One-post corner solution

Most people like to have only one post at the corner for a better look. You could use two CableGenie terminals at the corner inside one 4" post, and they won't conflict, thanks to the well-designed tiny body. A CableGenie terminal could also work with another terminal of different types as a tensioner to complete the corner solution with only one post.

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