What is cable railing?

by Murphy Brown
What is cable railing?

What is cable railing ?

Cable railing system is a kind of popular modern railing substitute to traditional metal or wood railings. Instead of wood, glass or iron infill, cable railing system uses stainless steel cable to serve as a traditional guard without blocking the view.

Pros of cable railing

What kinds of Cable Railing Systems are there?

Horizontal Railing

Typical application: Deck railing; Porch railing; Balcony railing
Horizontal Railing means all the cables go with horizontal direction, which is also named level railing. It is the most basic style and widely used for Deck Porch and Balcony railing. Horizontal cable railings are easy to install than angled railings.

Angled Railing

Typical application: Stair railing; Porch railing
Angled Railing means all the cables go with angled direction. It is mostly used for stair cable railing and the stair sections of porch railing. We need specific tools to make sure the angle while drill holes and special fittings for installation such as angled washer or multi-angled terminals.

Wood post Railing

Wood posts are more skin-friendly , they provide a warmer, earthier feeling. And are easier to install for DIYers. Also, Wood post railings have more choices on fitting styles.

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Cable railing fittings for wood post

Metal post Railing

Metal posts are mostly made of aluminum or steel, which makes them more durable than wood posts. They give a more industrial style.

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Cable railing fittings for metal post

Things to Consider before purchase

  • Appearance
    Modern home designs have gradually lost interest in wood and iron baluster in the past years, stainless steel cable is an ideal substitute for these traditional infills. The color and the style of railing components should go with your house design. For our customers who have higher standards on appearance, they like to choose invisible fittings. And customers who like industrial style they might like open-turnbuckle fitting. In a word, you could customize the cable railing to your favorite style.

  • Project condition
    Interior and exterior cable railing systems could be different on rust-proof capability. If you live at the coastal area you should choose T316 stainless materials otherwise they might get rusted after one year.

  • Project structure
    Firstly you could divide the project into several sections. Then choose components according to the section type, horizontal or angled rail, wood or metal post,1/8 or 3/16 and so on. We have cataloged them. Just click the product menu to find them.
    You could also use the tag filters on the collection page to find what you need quickly.

  • Code Requirements
    First and foremost, all cable railing should be built in accordance with local railing codes if there are any. There are not complicated, generally is about proper post & cable spacing. But it is important to make your railing strong and safe. And make sure they can pass the test of local house inspector if there are related rules in your state.

How to choose Cable Railing products?

 Building a new deck or stair could be a big project. It is recommended to do some research work in advance. Basically you can select the materials according to your preference, design and environmental needs.
 However, there are some important technical details you need to know before purchase. For example, if you live in the coastal area you should choose T316 stainless materials otherwise they might get rusted after one year.

 Fortunately, we have some tutorial videos for beginners with which you could learn in 10 minutes.
Click here to view Cable railing tutorial videos

Cable railing tutorial videos

You could also contact us by live chat support. Our engineer will give you proper suggestions. Click here to Contact us by live chat.

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Why choose Muzata?

We believe that cable railing should not be something fancy and complicated. It should be easy and affordable, people could do it all by themselves. That's why we decide to start our online business, while other suppliers are still selling in hardware stores with 2-5 times the prices.
As a cable railing manufacturer for 20+ years, Muzata insists on providing high-quality products with economical prices and professional service. Muzata has hundreds of products for your choice. You can customize your deck or stair railing by using different fittings and cable. We have videos for almost every model to help your installation, just follow them step by step.


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