Unobstructed Views: Upgrade Your Space with Cable Deck Railing

During an incredible deck facelift near the lake, Nicole and her family undertook a comprehensive upgrade, aiming to revitalize their deck and redefine their connection to the natural beauty that surrounded them. To achieve this, they opted for modern railing solutions that seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality. Nicole chose a suitable cable deck railing, which perfectly allowed her and her family to immerse themselves in the captivating landscape.

Work wtih family

“Thick handrails and many wooden posts. It's unsightly and blocks the view of the lake. I was like, where's the lake?” Nicole says.

Where's the lake?

“I wanted something that was low profile and wouldn't obstruct the view”

When it came time to give her deck a makeover, Nicole wanted to create an outdoor space the whole family could really enjoy. She thought about the layout and which building materials to use, including a cable deck railing that would provide safety yet maximize lake views. By blending together practical and pretty decor that showed off the gorgeous scenery, Nicole was able to put together a functional, stylish deck her family loves.

“I also realized I didn't like the look of those normal turnbuckle ones because it makes them look clunky and industrial. Instead, I opted one from Muzata cable railing systems, which has a hidden mechanism that you install into the wood post, that gives a very clean and seamless finish.”Nicole says.

So while researching online, Nicole came across our cable railing videos below. She found Muzata's CR73  to be invisible and aesthetically pleasing to wooden posts, and our instructions were so simple that she had the confidence to build a project like a modern railing.

That’s how she found the Muzata CR73 - its known to be easier to install. Our design team provided Nicole with some expert advice, and we also assisted her for free in designing a solution that perfectly fit her deck and estimated the approximate cost of the cable deck railing system. Check the picture below↓↓↓

Free design form

“I love how the system does not have a turnbuckle or any other system that you can physically see. And everything is completely invisible inside the wood post. It gives such a clean and polished look and it's the perfect modern finish to this beautiful DIY deck rebuild that we've been doing.”Nicole says.

Now that the project is complete, Nicole and her family are delighted with the appearance of their cable railing. Nicole is very satisfied, and she and her family can now fully enjoy the beautiful lakeside view. Let's take a look at how the cable deck railing turned out through her perspective! Click here!

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