Properly Securing Your Cable Railing Kit: A Guide to Tensioning Cables on Wood Posts

Horizontal cable railings are an optimal deck railing solution, blending contemporary style with maximized views. With minimalist lines, cable railings boost curb appeal while showcasing vistas of beaches, mountains, or gardens. This modern look comes with safety considerations, however, as improper cable tension can create fall risks. Proper installation and maintenance ensures cables remain taut and up to code. For long-lasting safety, cables must be correctly tensioned and tightened. Loose cables compromise security.

Thankfully, with the right techniques, tightening cable rails is straightforward. For those seeking guidance on proper cable deck railing tensioning, our installation guide provides useful tips to avoid issues and ensure correct tightening techniques. Following our straightforward instructions will help maintain safe and durable cable railings.

Muzata Natural Wood Cable Railing Stair System

Note these key points when installing cable railing on wood posts

  • Use posts made of hardwood or pressure-treated wood
  • When choosing wood posts for your project, opt for those constructed from hardwood or pressure-treated lumber. These materials withstand the elements and will not succumb to bending, cracking, or splintering as the years go by. On the other hand, steer clear of posts made from softwoods such as untreated cedar or pine. These woods lack the robustness required for long-lasting outdoor structures and are prone to deterioration.

  • Avoid over-tightening
  • Overtightening cables can damage posts and rails on your deck railing. The cables should be pulled just tight enough that a 4-inch diameter sphere cannot be pushed through the cables without significant resistance. Building code inspectors typically use a 4-inch metal or plastic ball as their standard tool for evaluating compliance.

    If post bending occurs, overtightening is likely the cause. Slightly loosen the cables and make small tension adjustments in the proper sequence to achieve consistent tension, while always maintaining tensioning order.

  • Ensure adequate tightening
  • Loose, sagging cables detract from a deck's looks. If one or more cables appear loose, take steps to restore proper tautness. First, inspect all hardware connections and tighten any that are loose as a precaution. Then, with a gentle approach, lightly re-tension all cables in the prescribed order, pulling each one taut. Finally, recheck any cables that were sagging to confirm they remain snugly in place without drooping. Tight yet restrained tensioning preserves the handsome appearance of your deck while maintaining critical safety standards. The video below demonstrates how to tighten a cable railing kit onto wood posts. It shows the steps to secure parts and adjust cable tension after installing on wood posts.

How many pounds of tension should cables have?

The International Building Code (IBC) require cable tension of 200 pounds to properly space runs while preventing distortion of rails and posts. If uncertain your tensioning meets code, use a cable gauge to measure it or have a professional inspect the railing. A good rule of thumb: aim for cables as taut as guitar strings, with no looseness or sagging. This "firm but not excessive" tautness satisfies regulations for tightness and safety without risking damage from over-tensioning. Proper tensioning walks a fine line, so when in doubt, confirm your cables' tautness meets the 200-pound tension standard through gauges or expert evaluation.

Achieving proper cable tension courtesy of Muzata

Installing cable railings can be challenging, but Muzata offers simplified solutions. Our Pre-Designed Cable Railing Systems come with everything you need for a smooth DIY installation. The affordable packages include detailed instructions to guide you through the process seamlessly. With a wide variety of ready-made kits to choose from, you're sure to find a code-compliant cable railing system that suits your unique space.

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