Cable Railing: Protecting Your Little Ones and Furry Friends

The Importance of Choosing the Right Deck Railing

As spring arrives, many homeowners look forward to spending time on their decks, entertaining friends and family. But when it comes to deck safety, it's crucial to choose the right kind of railing. That's where cable railing comes in.Cable railing is durable, attractive, and able to withstand harsh weather, making it a great option for deck railings.

cable railing making a great option for deck railings.

Cable Railing Safety for Children

One of its most significant benefits is its ability to protect children and pets. Traditional railing can pose a risk to young children, who can easily get their heads, arms, or legs stuck between the posts. To prevent this, the regulatory requirements,the railing system needs to ensure that the baby will not get stuck between the ropes, so the spacing between the ropes of the railing system should not exceed 4". Usually the recommended rope spacing is 3".

Cable Railing Safety for Children

Cable Railing Safety for Pets

Pets, too, can benefit from cable railing's minimalist design. Dogs, in particular, can be notorious for getting their heads and paws stuck in traditional railing.

However, one homeowner shared their experience with cable railing, stating, "I was initially hesitant to switch from traditional railing to cable railing, but it turned out to be a great choice. Our dogs loved to run around on the deck, and the cable railing's minimalist design meant that they wouldn't get their heads or paws stuck between the cables. It's definitely a safer option for our furry friends."

Cable Railing Safety for Pets

A Stylish and Low-Maintenance Option for Homeowners

Aside from the safety benefits, cable railing is also a stylish option for homeowners who want to give their decks a modern and contemporary look. And with its minimal maintenance requirements, it's a practical choice for those who want to enjoy their outdoor space without worrying about constant upkeep.

 In summary, cable railing is an excellent choice for homeowners who prioritize safety for their children and pets while also wanting to enhance the appearance of their deck. As one homeowner put it, "My family and I have been using cable railing for years, and we're big fans of its safety benefits. We never have to worry about our curious toddler or mischievous cat getting trapped or hurt, and the sleek design adds a modern touch to our outdoor space."

If you're considering cable railing for your home, it's a smart and practical choice that meets rigorous safety standards and regulations. Contact us today to request a free estimate.