The Environmental Advantages of Aluminum Railing

Aluminum is a good option for making cable railings even though many materials can be used. Making aluminum takes a lot of energy but it has gotten better for the environment. Below we talk about why aluminum is eco-friendly compared to other stuff used for railings.

Why Aluminum is a Greener Choice

While producing aluminum is energy-intensive, the industry has made efforts to reduce its environmental footprint. Recycling aluminum requires far less energy than creating new metal. Around 75% of aluminum in the U.S. comes from recycled content, significantly cutting energy use. Technological advances have made aluminum production much more efficient as well. The energy needed to produce aluminum has dropped 25% since 1995, reducing the carbon emissions. 

The Indoor Setting Features Muzata Aluminum Hollow Round Balusters

As a lightweight material, aluminum also requires less fuel for transportation compared to alternatives like steel, further decreasing emissions. Aluminum does not need chemical treatments or painting like wood or PVC either, reducing use of harmful chemicals and helping maintain healthier soils. When choosing aluminum products, such as our Aluminum Black Hollow Round Balusters, you can feel confident that aluminum is an environmentally responsible material that leaves less impact on the planet.

What are the Benefits of Aluminum?

In addition to having a lower environmental impact, aluminum railings offer many other advantages.

  • Materials Strength: Crafted from robust aluminum metal, these railings boast superior strength compared to those made of vinyl, plastic or other materials. The high durability of aluminum translates into railings of exceptional sturdiness and security, capable of withstanding decades of intensive use and exposure to outdoor elements. Aluminum's resilient properties ensure the railings resist wear and tear over time, maintaining their integrity and protective qualities far longer than railings constructed from lower-strength materials. With aluminum railings, you can rely on steadfast performance and unwavering safety for years on end.
  • Visually Appealing: With its attractive metallic sheen, aluminum offers unique beauty and depth of color. Aluminum railings can be finished in a wide spectrum of colors and textures to seamlessly complement your property's style. From bold hues to natural wood tones, the possibilities are endless for customizing a beautiful railing design. With aluminum's versatile aesthetics, you can easily match any architectural surroundings and create an enhanced visual appeal.
  • Low Maintenance: Aluminum's resilience removes the need for extensive maintenance and upkeep over time. Unlike railings made from other materials that may require periodic repairs, refinishing or repainting, aluminum's durability means your railing will stay looking like new with little ongoing care. You can enjoy the benefits of sturdy, lasting railings without the headache of continual maintenance.
Muzata Aluminum Hollow Round Balusters Installed On The Seaside

In addition, cable railings' dark color scheme seamlessly complements bold Halloween hues. Their versatility also enables effortless transition to your everyday decor before and after October. Show off your Halloween spirit on a railing designed to last for years to come.
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How to Choose Between Steel or Aluminum Railings?

When deciding between aluminum and steel cable railing systems, consider where they will be installed and your budget. Aluminum is lighter weight and resists rust, making it ideal for seaside and wet environments. For these settings, we recommend durable, marine-grade aluminum railings like the Aluminum Post PD72 BHAS. Steel is stronger but requires more maintenance to prevent corrosion. Aluminum costs more upfront but lasts longer than steel. For high-traffic areas, steel's added durability may justify the extra maintenance. Evaluate the setting and anticipated use to determine if light, rust-resistant aluminum railings such as the HL10 or HL11, or heavy-duty steel better suits your needs and long-term costs.

Muzata Top Mount Black Stainless Steel Cable Railing System


If you need help deciding between steel and aluminum cable railings, take advantage of our Free Design Service. The Muzata experts can walk you through the pros and cons of each material to help determine the best option for your needs. We're always happy to share our knowledge to ensure you choose the perfect railing system. Whether it's a residential or commercial installation, reach out to the Muzata team for guidance on selecting steel versus aluminum railings and customizing your free design. With our years of experience, we can provide insights to upgrade your property with a durable, stylish cable railing that fits your budget and requirements.

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