What Kind of Tools Do I Need for Installation?

Tools Required for Installation and a Pro Tip for Cable Railing System Installation

You will need to grab a hold of a cable cutter to get through the stainless steel wire rope since normal cutters cannot cut through this type of wire. There are two models that are differently used for personal and professional use. CR12 is the more economical model while being portable and is generally used for home applications while the professional labor-saving model is CR03. Both the cable cutters are 8 and 18 inches in length respectively.

If swage terminals are being used, the presence of a hydraulic crimper becomes a necessity since you will need to swage the end of the terminal with the cable so to ensure that tension has no effect on the cable grip. It is no secret that the majority of the swage terminals are made from stainless steel. This simply means that you cannot just go and randomly buy a hydraulic crimper to get the job done.

In all honesty, you may end up with a broken crimper after crimping several times. This makes it important for you to buy customized crimpers for stainless steel swage terminals. We at, Muzata, offer two basic models of hydraulic crimpers and both come with custom dies that are made up of special alloys to crimp through stainless steel with ease. 

Keep in mind that there is no need for a crimper if a swageless terminal is being used.

In case you are looking to install the aesthetic cable railing system all on your own, you need to come up with a healthy plan. Here is a pro tip on how you can plan that.

Begin by measuring the edge of the desk, balcony, or stairway in an accurate manner. Make use of all the information to come up with an appropriate sketch. Following this, you will need to decide the height of the handrail that needs to be installed.

Since it is your first time during the cable railing system, it may seem hard for you to select the type of cable railing system. Try picking from any one of the pre-designed systems that are available on the website so we can better help you with the project.

On top of that, it is pretty easy to engage and update balusters in an upcoming cable railing project. Stainless steel can be put to use to take care of the bending and the cable deflection as that will have a major impact on the house.