Effortless Elegance: Muzata’s Handrail-Free Railing Solutions

Handrail-Free Cable Railing System

Ready to embrace a new era of speed and convenience? Muzata, the leader in cable railings, proudly presents the latest innovation: the Handrail-Free Cable Railing System! Designed to meet a variety of needs, our system is perfect for both horizontal and staircase applications, and it is available in a range of lengths to suit any project. Follow this article to understand what a handrail-free cable railing system is and the benefits it offers!

Regarding Cable Railing, Do You Face the Following Challenges?



Sorting through a wide variety of railing products & components without clarity on matching them.


Unsure about the quantity of product to purchase for different installation locations.


Uncertain about the installation process for different combinations of each product.

√Choosing Muzata Handrail-Free Cable Rail System can eliminate all of these problems!

What Are Handrail-Free Cable Railing Systems?

The product is an all-in-one system that includes posts, stainless steel wire ropes, fittings, washers, and other tools needed for the entire installation process. It provides horizontal and stair railing sections in flexible sets of 4, 8, 12, 16, and 20 feet, with surface and side mounting options. Handrails are not included, giving you the freedom to select the best fit for your needs. You can choose to purchase a pre-packaged kit of the desired length directly or mix and match different kits to customize your setup.


Cable Railing System

①Our kits are designed for versatility, accommodating both horizontal and stair railings with an incline of 25-35°. This flexibility allows you to enhance various areas of your home with ease.

②We also offer two installation options: surface mount and side mount, ensuring you can choose the method that best suits your specific requirements.

③With length combinations ranging from 4 to 20 feet, you can easily find the perfect fit for your project. Simply measure the areas where you plan to install the railings, select the appropriate lengths, and make your purchase— all in one seamless process.

④Handrails are not available in this kit. When it comes to handrails, you have the flexibility to choose between wood or metal options. For a personalized touch, you can either customize your design or opt for metal handrails from Muzata, which can be tailored to your specific dimensions. This allows you to find the perfect handrail solution that not only meets your practical needs but also seamlessly complements the aesthetic of your space.

Flexibility of Handrail-Free Cable Railing

When it comes to home improvement projects, convenience and flexibility are key. This user-friendly railing system delivers on both fronts, saving you valuable time and effort. Whether you're a seasoned contractor or a passionate DIY enthusiast, the program promises a truly seamless experience.

Benefits of Cable Railing Systems without Handrails

1️⃣All-In-One System

What sets this system apart is its streamlined approach. Instead of sourcing and assembling individual components, Muzata has bundled everything you need into a single, convenient package(no handrail). No more racking your brain trying to figure out which parts to purchase, this all-inclusive kit has it all covered. Each kit is carefully assembled by the Muzata team, ensuring that you receive a complete set of high-quality components. If you're in the market for a cable railing system that checks all the boxes - convenience, quality, and visual appeal - We highly recommend exploring the options from Muzata handrail-free cable railing systems.

2️⃣Free Design 1+1+1+···

By choosing to mix and match different kits, you can create the right railing for a variety of scenarios including levels, stairs, corners, and more. With the design form of 1+1+1+ ··· cable railing kit splicing design, it’s possible to infinitely combine kits to create large scenes. Large scenes are no problem with a variety of Length options up to 20 feet and unlimited splicing makes large setups easy. This splicing model provides an integrated railing solution that blends in perfectly with your home. Whether you’re combining sections or creating a cohesive look, the handrail-free cable rail system works well for you!

muzata handrail-free cable railing system

Save Time and Effort

When shopping for products

✔ Our handrail-free cable railing system is designed for everyone, regardless of experience level. Whether you're a DIY veteran or a beginner, you can easily select and purchase the perfect kit for your needs.

✔ We’ve bundled all our cable railing post kits into a single, easy-to-access page. With clear and concise product descriptions, you can quickly and confidently choose the right kit for your needs.

✔ With our cable railing system, you can skip the design phase altogether, saving valuable time. We've pre-packaged everything you need, allowing you to skip the back-and-forth with designers and get straight to the installation. This streamlined process not only saves you time but also reduces the complexity and potential misunderstandings during the design stage.

When installing the product

✔ It is pre-drilled for both horizontal and diagonal posts of the handrail-free cable railing system, which saves your labor.

✔ With the patent swageless design, you don’t need the hydraulic crimper, which greatly saves your time, effort, and also expenses. 

✔ Our cable railing post kits are equipped with detailed installation guides to facilitate a faster and more straightforward setup. These guides are user-friendly, offering step-by-step instructions and illustrative diagrams that simplify the installation process. Following these specialized guides ensures a professional-quality installation in less time.


4️⃣Enhance the Aesthetics of Space

Provide a Neat Appearance

The unique flattened tail and compact body design conceal the entire fitting within the metal post, providing a neat and clean appearance.

Enjoy Unobstructed Views

The thin, sleek cables used in this design create a minimalist and modern aesthetic that allows for uninterrupted views of the surrounding environment.

Integration with the Surrounding Environment

Whether you’re installing them on a deck, balcony, or staircase, black stainless steel railings provide a versatile and stylish solution that integrates effortlessly with your existing decoration. This adaptability makes them an ideal choice for homeowners looking to create a cohesive and sophisticated look in their outdoor or indoor spaces.

5️⃣Enhance the Safety of Space

Optimal Railing Heights for Building Code Adherence

Our cable railing post kits feature a height of 36 inches, which meets industry safety standards and is ideal for most residential settings. This standardized height ensures that your railing not only provides a sleek and modern look but also complies with building codes, offering peace of mind and safety for your family. Whether you’re upgrading a deck, balcony, or staircase, our 36-inch railing kits are designed to seamlessly blend into any home environment.

Meeting Building Codes with Proper Cable Rope Spacing

The robust metal framework, combined with carefully spaced cables, provided a dependable barrier that significantly enhanced the safety of the home. This square cable railing post is designed with 3" cable spacing. The precisely spaced cables added an extra layer of security, leaving no gaps or openings that could pose a danger to children. This structural square post of the handrail-free cable railing system is designed with 3" cable spacing. A 3-inch spacing for the cable ropes meets building code requirements. This spacing ensures that the cables provide adequate safety by preventing small children or pets from passing through. Adhering to this standard spacing not only complies with safety regulations but also enhances the overall structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of the railing system.

Cable Railing System: Handrail-Free VS. All-In-One

The cable railing system without handrails is also an all-in-one system, except that it does not include handrails in the kit. By choosing handrail-free kits, you have the freedom to choose the style of handrail you want and create a more personalized cable railing project.

High-Quality Cable Railing

High-Quality Cable Railing

✨The materials in the kit are made of high-grade stainless steel. The cable railing post is made of T304 material and black powder coated. Wire rope WR19, cable railing kit CB05, and adhesive washers CR66 are all made of SST316 stainless steel, with good rust resistance, strong and durable.

✨Use Muzata's black stainless steel cable railing posts which are known for their sturdy construction and precision engineering to ensure stability and maintain a sleek appearance.

✨Installing our cable railing post kits is worry-free, as they are compatible with any type of flooring and designed not to cause damage. Hardwood, concrete, or composite decking—our kits ensure a secure fit that preserves the integrity of your floors. Enjoy a smooth and damage-free installation that keeps your flooring intact and your project on track.

Create Your Handrail-Free Cable Railing Project Now!

If you're planning to build a cable railing system now, why not consider Muzata's all-in-one handrail-free cable railing system? Get a better quality product, enjoy a more perfect experience, explore the infinite possibilities of cable railing splicing, and create your unique railing project more easily.


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