The max space between cable lines and posts?

Railing Code compliance

  • First and foremost, all cable railing should be built in accordance with local railing codes if there are any. They are not complicated and generally about proper post & cable spacing. But it is important to make your railing strong and safe. And make sure they can pass the test of local house inspector if there are related rules in your state.
  • Please check your local building codes for accurate informations and follow it.

Space between cable lines 

If you are not sure about the code, we recommend that cable spacing should not be more than 3" in most states. 
And there is a common 4" sphere rule,which refers to gaps and spaces within a railing system. The rule states that a 4” sphere should be unable to pass through any gap in a railing system, while 50 lb force was hanged on the middle the cable.

Space between posts

According to code of California, the posts space should not exceed the following dimension.
Wood Post Systems:  6 feet
Metal Post Systems:  4 feet

Max span of tensioner kit

The max span is related to the following factors
1. The adjustable range of tensioner
2. The sturdiness of post system
For safety we recommend to set a shorter span if your tensioners do not have wide adjustable range. And don't exceed 50 feet no matter which kind of tensioner you are using.

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