Stylish and Durable Steel Cable Railing for Safe and Modern Railing Solutions

wire rope railing

Adding a railing around your home does way more than just look nice - it also keeps everyone safe. The right kind of railing can totally change up the vibe of your outdoor space while also providing security. Steel cable railing is a fantastic choice if you want a railing that's both stylish and built to last. This post will look at why steel cable railing is such an awesome option and how it can improve the safety and appearance of your outdoor area.

wire rope railing

Getting to Know Steel Cable Railing

Steel cable railing, also called wire rope railing, uses cables made from galvanized or stainless steel stretched between posts as infill. The cables get pulled tight and secured to make a see-through barrier. Compared to old-school railings, the steel cable infill has an open, modern look. But don't let that fool you - the strength of the steel cables offers protection similar to other materials.

You can install steel cable railing in all sorts of spots - decks, patios, stairways, pools, balconies, you name it. With barely anything blocking your view, this type of railing lets you enjoy the sights while adding some sleek style to your space. Its simple, streamlined look jives well with modern, industrial, and contemporary architectural layouts.

Unmatched Strength and Safety

Steel is one of the most heavy-duty railing infill materials out there. Galvanized steel cables are super durable and resistant to weathering and corrosion. Stainless steel is even stronger and lasts even longer. Steel cable railing is designed and engineered to meet safety standards for guardrails and fall protection.

Properly installed steel cable railing can take a ton of force without breaking. The tight cables prevent sagging over time. This awesome strength brings peace of mind to folks leaning on or accidentally crashing into the railing. Parents can also relax knowing steel cable railing helps keep kids from falling.

Low-Maintenance Material

Another big perk of steel cable railing is that it needs way less maintenance than wood, glass, or metal picket infill. Since galvanized and stainless steel are so hardy, the cables don't require periodic painting, staining, or sealing. You can enjoy the sleek, clean look of your cable railing for years without extra work.

Steel cable railing also stands up to weathering and damage from moisture, sunlight, and temperature changes. It won't warp, crack, or splinter like wood infills. With proper installation, you can count on your steel cable railing to maintain its strength and appearance indefinitely. Less maintenance means more time to enjoy your outdoor living area.

1/8-inch diameter cables

Customizable Looks

While steel cable is crazy durable, it also offers design flexibility. Cables can be oriented vertically, horizontally, or diagonally based on your preferences. Go for thinner 1/8-inch diameter cables for a slim profile or thicker 3/16-inch cables for a bold industrial vibe.

You can choose galvanized steel for a more low-key gray look or sleek stainless steel. Other custom options include cable spacing, post style, and finish. Add some flair by powder coating posts and hardware to match your home. Work with experienced installers to create custom cable railing that's perfect for your space.

Reimagine Your Outdoor Living Space

Reimagine Your Outdoor Living SpaceChoosing steel cable railing for your deck, porch or patio lets you completely rethink your outdoor area. This railing solution blends strength, safety, and contemporary style. Sleek parallel cables make views more visible while also keeping your family protected.

Durable steel cable railing adds beauty without demanding constant maintenance. For a modern, fuss-free railing that provides security and enhances your outdoor living space, steel cable is a stellar choice. With customization and experienced installers, you can create a unique railing that totally transforms your space. Safety never looked so good.


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