Wooden post systems 

Wooden Post Cable Railings Systems

Get a new-look for your post system to spruce up your house. Wondering what would make a great fit? Our wood post cable railing systems will keep you happy.
Wood Cable Railing Systems are now available! With a wood top rail and/or posts, you may add a touch of the great outdoors to your railing installation. Perfect for a rustic look that contrasts nicely with cable infills industrial sense.
Our commitment to simple upkeep and stunning outcomes extends to everything we sell, including our wood products. Our species are known for their innate resilience and resistance to rot, insects, splitting, and other problems, and our posts are specially built for further strength.
You can look for the best WoodHidden cable railing system, WoodLoft cable railing system, WoodBudget cable railing system, CableGenie cable railing system, WoodEasy cable railing system, and WoodBlack cable railing system. So, make the best choice for your abode.

Things to Consider Before Wood Post Systems Purchase

  • What height do you want your railing to be? Is it better to have a 36-inch or 42-inch?
  • Do you prefer posts that are drilled or un-drilled? Pre-drilled posts save time and labor, but undrilled posts offer greater customizing options and can be used on sloped surfaces such as staircases.
  • Choose the appropriate mounting method for your application.
  • Mounting hardware, fittings, and cable infill should all be considered.

The minimalistic, sleek design of the contemporary and modern style has infiltrated the renovation and house building markets. Wood post a modern stair railing is one such option that sticks out. These railings are popular not only for decks and porches, but also for interior railings in modern and contemporary homes. Homeowners are currently debating which option is better for their inside and outside spaces.
The criteria for cable deck railing are comparable to those for ordinary railings. The main distinction between cable and wood railings is that wires are flexible, whereas other infills are hard. This can make meeting code requirements difficult. The tension of the cable, the spacing of the wires and posts, and the diameter of the cable are all aspects to consider when choosing cable railings. We ensure to offer Wooden Post Systems in accordance to compliance.
So, explore our catalogue and add to the cart the best-suited one.

WoodHidden cable railing system 

Patent invisible terminals could be hidden inside the wood posts to get a neat look.

WoodEasy cable railing system 

Beginner-friendly cable railing system for wood frame. multi-angle turnbuckles are ideal for both level and any angle railings.

WoodBudget cable railing system

A simplified cable railing system with a terrific neat look for wood frames. The Left & right lag screw kit not only makes it simple but also cuts down the budget. 

CableGenie cable railing system

Get a perfect neat look by using Muzata patent-designed invisible cable railing terminals, which could be completely hidden inside wood posts. 

WoodBlack cable railing system 

WoodBlack system is an excellent modern cable railing system for wood frame decks and stairs. The terminals and cables are custom made with a black appearance to create a cool and peaceful vibe.