Blog-SpaceSaver system

Blog-SpaceSaver system

SpaceSaver system

Muzata-SpaceSaver system is designed with side mount posts to save more room for you. The stair treads will be at least 4" wider if you use side mount posts instead of top mount posts. Your deck will be neater, with the post feet hidden outside the deck.

System components

Side mount posts - PF01 PF02
Optional handrails - HT20 HT10 HT30
Optional cable railing kits - CR26 CR37 CR38
Wire rope - WR02
Tools - CT15 CT01

Get more details by downloading the PDF file

User Guide(PDF)

Save space

Side mount posts are installed on the sidewall. So they don't take up any space on your stair and deck. It is important when you like to have more room for moving around. We have side mount posts with various style predrilled holes to save your time for installing. Level holes, angle holes, one-side holes, and so on.

Slim foot board

Traditional square base boards take up more space on sidewalls. Invisible base boards could be hidden under posts. So they don't need extra space and will help to get a better look at the wall.

Weather protection

SpaceSaver system is made of all stainless steel materials, which have great resistance to rust and corrosion. It is ideal for both interior and exterior railings and will work for a long lifetime with low maintenance. Please note that it is not recommended for coastal projects.

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